"Create a life you love doing what you love"


Hi there, I am Patrick

I moved to Greece and that's where my life changed!

In just 5 years i went from a technical support guy to a hotelier, owning my own hotel in the centre of Athens, Greece and several Airbnb properties.

Since March of this year i have decided to add some new flavour to my life by setting up my own YouTube channel and website with my blogs. Now i am helping people like you to become better and smarter in the world of the Online Travel Industry and in the wonderful world of YouTube. Before i started in the hotel industry i hated my job, i hated my life and eventually i hated myself. Because i didn't know where to turn to i decided to take my life into my own hands, and look what it brought me. Now i have a successful company, i found the love of my life and got married... life can be good!

Now i want to help you to create the life that you want and that you love. I am a strong believer that everybody deserves a chance to love the life that they live. Imagine to wake up every day being exited about what they day will bring you. I know that you can follow your passion and make a impact on others in the world by loving your life. 

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