Thank you for visiting my website

Thank you so much for visiting my website. Here you can find out more about me and my work. 

Born in The Netherlands and traveled the world... that is how I would like to describe my life... I have been lucky to have seen many countries and lived in The Netherlands, Spain, and now in Greece. Ever since I have visited the Mediterranean I fell in love with it and I am so glad that i am able to live here.

My company, MercierX, is a company with one core value... great customer experience! My company is hired by companies that want to boost their customer relations and indirect also boost their overall performance as well as in sales, online presence and customer relations.

Currently, I am working as a director of operations for a hotel in the centre of Athens. This means that I am responsible for the daily process, and that includes supervising the new reservations, supervising housekeeping, front desk and customer relations.

Besides this, my company also has a small tourist accommodation in the centre of Athens. This accommodation offers guests a private room that has a modern decoration and a shared bathroom.


The MercierX does not collect or share any personal information from our visitors on this website. When you click on a advertisement link you will be directed outside of our website!