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Due to all the news and problems in terms with the world wide outbreak of the corona virus, i will dedicate for the time being all my videos here to inform everybody about the situation in Greece. 

This page is daily updated with new content. 

Greece on lockdown due to corona virus

Greece on lockdown due to coronavirus outbreak, closed borders with Albania and Skopje

The Impact of the corona virus on the tourism in Athens

At the moment that i am writing this, the corona virus is spreading all around the world. I thought it would be informative to show you all the impact it currently has on the tourism in Athens, Greece.

Coronoa Virus Update

It seems that every day there are some new developments regarding the corona virus. I am doing my best to keep you all updated on the impact this has on tourism and the aviation industry.

United states suspends all flights from Europe to the USA, and from the USA to Europe

Oops.. he did it again. Donald Trump has suspended all flights from and to Europe and the USA. Here i will explain what the impact can be ( and it is bigger then you may think )

Another airlines that goes into administration?

Is there another airline that will go into administration due to the fact that president Donald Trump banned all flights between Europe and the United States? Check out my video and you will know what is happening... and no it's not Norwegian Airlines.